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Every school has an active PTA affiliated with the state and national PTA organizations. Throughout the years, the PTA has been an integral part of the school system. They have worked with the Board of Education and with the public on expansion programs and School Improvement Teams.

They work closely with the administration and teachers of the schools to ensure the best possible education for all children. Membership in the PTA is highly recommended as an opportunity for parents/guardians or any adult interested in education to work closely with the schools in the education of the children in our District.

In addition to being affiliated with the state and national PTAs, each local unit belongs to the Brentwood Council of PTSAs (Parent-Teacher-Student Association). The council coordinates the work of the individual units, provides training for any adult interested in being a PTA leader, advocates for children and youth, and ensures that all PTA policies are followed. The council promotes cooperation among the individual units. The President of the Brentwood Council of PTSAs is Mildred Rivera.

Please check this publication for the dates of specific PTA meetings or check with the school your child attends. Remember, meeting dates are subject to change.



President: Gerri Coleman-Odom 631-434-2123


School PTA President School Phone Number
East Elementary



Parent Representative:
Blanca Joya

Hemlock Park  -- 631-434-2451
Laurel Park

Sandy Alfaro

Theresa Meyer

Sandine Mootoo

Loretta Park Lyn Joseph 631-434-2246
North Elementary Courtney Simon 631-434-2275
GEK Northeast Hilda Reyes 631-434-2435
Oak Park No PTA 631-434-2255
Pine Park No PTA 631-434-2251
FJC Southeast

Karina Munoz

Brianne Gomez

Southwest Kerry Seyda 631-434-2261
Twin Pines Katie Gernon 631-434-2457
East Middle School Melanie Baker 631-434-2473
North Middle School  -- 631-434-2356
South Middle School Vanessa Espinal 631-434-2341
West Middle School Lisa Spence 631-434-2371
Freshman Center Marcela Paracat-Rojas  
High SchooI PTSA Marcela Paracat-Rojas 631-434-2391