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Parent Portal


The eSchoolData Parent Portal is a web- based program that allows parents to access information about their child’s academic progress. It allows parents to obtain information such as attendance, schedules, progress reports and report cards. It also provides a means for parents to communicate directly with their child’s teachers. Login credentials are automatically created and mailed to parents after child is registered.

Click here to access eSchoolData Parent Portal

If there are any issues , concerns regarding accessing the Parent Portal or have misplaced your login information, please send an email to

For questions regarding specific information about a student's grades or academic progress, please contact the student’s school directly.

Download the App

Parents can access their  child's school information from their mobile devices using the eSchoolData App.

Using the app will allow you to view attendance, classwork, schedules, progress reports and report cards.

Available for Download:

Google Play
Apple App Store