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Programs and Services

Programs and Opportunities for Special Education Students

BHS Science Buddy Initiative

Brentwood Science Buddy Initiative at Brentwood High School. Dr.Grella has been a huge advocate for students with disabilities. She first began offering support for students with disabilities in 2012. By 2014, she implemented an inclusive model in which she established a collaboration between the honor students in her Research Program and the students enrolled in the Life Skills program with Gina Murphy at Brentwood High School. The Life Skills students visited the lab one time a year to prepare plants for planting in the courtyard garden. In fact, the Science Buddy Program helped students construct a garden in the courtyard adjacent to the research lab in 2015. Collaborating on science activities has allowed students to create friendships and form working relationships. This program has provided all students involved the opportunity and means to improve their academic skills, social skills, self-confidence, tolerance and empathy.

BHS Adaptive Living Skills Program

The Brentwood High School Adaptive Living Skills Program In 2014, under the leadership of Victoria Reagan The Director of Special Services and Rhonda Young The Special Education Department Head, the Brentwood School District developed a full day Applied Skills program at Brentwood High School to develop 21st century skills and facilitate a smooth transition for students as they move to post-secondary school experiences. Students who participate in the program typically require ongoing support in more than one major life activity in order to participate in integrated school, home and community settings. The program provides students with a full day experience when students enter high school that allows integration into the school community through a combination of academics and, with a working kitchen and garden, authentic life skill experiences within the context of Brentwood High School. The implementation of this new program is projected to save the district over a quarter of a million dollars in the 2014-15 school year. The savings comes from the reduction of outsourcing services to other providers. click photo below for gallery

Student Athletes with Education-Impacting Disabilities

NCAA: Education-Impacting Disabilities Accommodations

BHS Approved NCAA Courses

Suffolk Summer Program for Students with Disabilities