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What is the CPSE?

The Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) is the conduit of Special Education Programs and Services that the County provides to eligible children between the ages of 3-5 years old. Any child residing in the Brentwood School District, and suspected of having a developmental delay, can be referred to the CPSE. The Special needs of preschool students are addressed through a referral to the CPSE. The parent/guardian of a preschooler who is suspected of having a disability, can arrange for the child to receive a comprehensive evaluation at a preschool evaluation site of the parent's choice, provided that it has been approved by New York State. Brentwood Public Schools is fortunate to have a program for preschoolers with disabilities that has been approved by New York State as both an evaluation site and a special education preschool program. Three- and four-year-old students who have been evaluated are screened by the CPSE and recommendation for services and/or placements are made as appropriate. These recommendations are presented to the Board of Education for review and implementation. The program is funded jointly between the Suffolk County Health Department and the New York State Education Department. Referrals can be made in writing to the Office of Special Services.

What is the CSE?

The Committe on Special Education (CSE) is a group of professionals, parents, and students (when appropriate) who meet to make decisions regarding the special education needs of school-age students. There are different purposes for meetings and therefore, different mandated members and different mandated responsibilities. CSEs meet for initial determinations, annual reviews, program reviews, manifestation determinations, consideration of de-classifications, amendments, and/or reevaluations. After a Committee on Special Education has reviewed evaluations and all information pertinent to the students individualized academic, social/emotional, physical and management needs, a recommendation is made to the Board of Education. Special Education programs, services and placements both within the district and outside of the district are implemented by the Board of Education within a timely manner. Each student's progress is reviewed at least annually to determine continued eligibility for such services. Decisions made by the CSE are legal mandates and must be followed by all school personnel.

The CSE Manual provides information for parents and families on the CSE process, answers to frequently asked questions, directory of district contacts, and more.

CSE Manual for Parents and Families

Procedural Safeguards Notice