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Special Services

Coordinator of Special Services, Elementary
Department Head for Speech and Hearing Services

Coordinator of Health, Psychological and Social Work Services

Special Education Program

The Special Education Program provides assistance for any school-aged students with disabilities through a variety of accommodations, services, supports and programs. After a Committee on Special Education has reviewed evaluations and all information pertinent to the students individualized academic, social/emotional, physical and management needs, a recommendation is made to the Board of Education. Special Education programs, services and placements both within the district and outside of the district are implemented by the Board of Education within a timely manner. Each student's progress is reviewed at least annually to determine continued eligibility for such services. Please call (631) 434-2143 for further information about these programs. The Special needs of preschool students are addressed through the Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE). Through a referral to the CPSE, the parent/guardian of a preschooler who is suspected of having a disability, can arrange for the child to receive a comprehensive evaluation at a preschool evaluation site of the parent's choice, provided that it has been approved by New York State. Brentwood Public Schools is fortunate to have a program for preschoolers with disabilities that has been approved by New York State as both an evaluation site and a special education preschool program. Three- and four-year-old students who have been evaluated are screened by the CPSE and recommendation for services and/or placements are made as appropriate. These recommendations are presented to the Board of Education for review and implementation.

Health, psychological and social work services are available as student support services within our schools. The district provides a multitude of evaluative and diagnostic services for students.