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Tree Houses by Mr. Groudas's Students

Tree Houses by Mr. Groudas's Students

Brentwood High School students in Mr. Groudas’s advanced 3D design class created trees and tree house sculptures made from a variety of mixed media elements. Three of the students’ works were submitted to New York Institute at Old Westbury for an annual architecture and design competition open to Long Island Art students and on display through December.

Melanie Wong, Rachel Delio and Evelyn Garcia’s works were selected for the show.

Trees were constructed of wire, plaster and paint. The Tree Houses, complete with a stair system, were constructed of wood that Mr. Groudas pre-cut for the scale of the structures. The reclaimed lumber was then used for framing lumber, flooring lumber, siding wood, and metal for roofing. Paint was added to finish off the spaces. Each tree house created represents the artists' special place; a place for them.

Pictured below are the three works designed and created by the talented Art students here at Brentwood High School.

Melanie Wong, Grade 11


Evelyn Garcia, Grade 12


Rachel Delio, Grade 12


"I feel the project was very successful. For the complete works of all other tree houses you can visit them on display at Brentwood High School", said Mr. Groudas.