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One to One Laptop Program Information


Brentwood UFSD's one-to-one program aims to provide laptops to all students, fostering digital literacy and personalized learning. This program covers students from Grades 3 through 12 who can use these laptops both at school and at home. For younger learners in Grades K through 2, laptops are available for in-class use.

These laptops are integral to our students' daily education, enabling teachers to leverage technology for enhancing digital literacy skills and tailoring the learning experience to meet the unique needs of each child.

To ensure that laptops remain in good working condition, new laptops are issued at Grades 3, 7 and 10, at which time paperwork will be sent home for parents to complete.

Parent Responsibilities

Prior to providing a laptop to any student, all parents must fill out a Device Loan Agreement.  This document delineates the respective responsibilities of both students and parents concerning the laptop's usage. You can access the District's loan agreements on the Device Loan Agreements page.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Child currently does not have a laptop assigned by the School.  What should I do?

  • Please make sure that a Device Loan Agreement is on file with the school's School Communications Aide.  You can call the school and request to speak with the School Communication's Aide during the school day.

Does the laptop come with internet filtering?

  • Internet filtering software is installed on the laptops, however, the District strongly encourages all parents to remain vigilant about their child's internet activities as there new websites and new content on the internet every day.

My child's laptop is not working or is broken.  How do I get it fixed?

  • Each building has a School Communications Aide to help parents and students daily with laptops.  Parents may call the school to speak with the School Communication's Aide, or students can visit the School Communications Aide.