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District Directory

Stacy L. O'Connor

Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations
(631) 434-2311
Fax: (631) 434-3104

Ann Palmer

Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Education
(631) 434-2496
Fax: (631) 273-6575

Wanda Ortiz-Rivera

Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education and Bilingual Education K-12
(631) 434-2498
Fax: (631) 273-6575

Rhonda Young

Assistant Superintendent of Special Services
(631) 434-2401
Fax: (631) 434-8158

District Departments and Offices

Benefits Office

Debra Banker, Supervisor

(631) 434-2311
Fax: (631) 434-3104

Bilingual and ENL Department

Paula Ribeiro-Manikas, Coordinator of Bilingual and English as New Language Instruction (K - 12)

Maria Rodriguez
Assistant Coordinator

Assistant Coordinator

Karen Morgan
IFE Liason and Embedded Coach 

(631) 434-2511
Fax: (631) 434-2239

Bilingual and ENL Webpage

Business Office

Erik Karlund, Director of Operations

(631) 434-2311
Fax: 631-434-3104

Continuing Education, Evening High School, and Summer School

Jerry Cheng, Principal
Records Management Officer

LisaIvelisse Rodriquez
Assistant Principal of Adult ENL/ABE 

(631) 434-2416

Funded Programs Department

Vincent Leone, Coordinator
Compliance and Chief Information Officer

(631) 434-2403
Fax: 631-434-2234

Language Arts and Social Studies Department

Trish Brockbank, Coordinator

Theresa Giacolone
Instructional Technology Staff Developer

Noreen Miller
ELA Staff Developer

(631) 434-2241

Math and Science Department

Dionne Serrette, Coordinator

Maureen Carrion
Math Staff Developer

(631) 434-2127

Production Center

Evania Galindez, Supervisor

Purchasing Department

Erik Karlund, Director of Operations

(631) 434-2227
Fax: 631-434-2528

School Lunch / Food Services

Carol Ann Grodski, School Lunch Manager

Gina Livia
Assistant to the Food Services Manager

(631) 434-2316
Fax: (631) 434-1175

Food Services Webpage

Special Services Department

Rhonda Young, Assistant Superintendent of Special Services

(631) 434-2401
Fax: (631) 434-8158

April Seneus
Assistant to the Director, Secondary
(631) 434-2144

Garvin P. Romane
Assistant to the Director, Elementary
Head for Speech and Hearing Services

(631) 434-2215

Sean Coffin
Coordinator of Health, Psychological, and Social Work Services
(631) 434-2583

Special Services Webpage