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9260 Conditional Appointment and Emergency Conditional Appointment – Student Safety

  • 9000: Personnel and Negotiations
9260 Conditional Appointment and Emergency Conditional Appointment – Student Safety

The Brentwood Board of Education recognizes that there will be instances in which it is necessary upon recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools, for the Board to make a conditional appointment or an emergency conditional appointment of a prospective employee. To protect the district and to provide for the safety of students who have contact with an employee holding a conditional appointment or an emergency conditional appointment, the Board adopts the following policy.

All employees appointed on a conditional or emergency conditional appointment shall sign an affidavit assuring the district that they have not been convicted of any criminal offense and that there are no criminal actions pending against them. Further, the district shall conduct credential and reference checking of such employees in the same manner, and to the same extent, that such checking is conducted of all prospective employees, whether to be employed on a conditional, emergency conditional or regular appointment basis. Such checking includes, but is not necessarily limited to, a review and confirmation of paper documents, including certification and licenses, transcripts, résumés, and other documents where such references may include both names of those provided by the prospective employee as well as names of persons with possible relevant information not so provided.

Until July 1, 2007, the Board of Education may, upon the recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools, conditionally appoint a prospective employee before he or she obtains final clearance from the New York State Education Department (NYSED) but only if NYSED grants that person conditional clearance for employment in accordance with New York State Law and the Commissioner of Education’s Regulations. Under certain specified circumstances, the Board also may make an emergency conditional appointment for twenty (20) days or less. After   July 1, 2007, the district shall not employ or utilize a prospective school employee without clearance for employment from SED.

At the building level, administrators at each site shall ensure that conditional appointees:

  1. Consistent with the nature of employment, limit one-on-one contact with students to the extent practical;

  2. Adhere to the regular schedule and shall not be given before- or after-school assignments with students on an individual basis; and

  3. Do not transport students in their private vehicles or be in contact with students in their professional capacity off school property.

In addition to the above, school administrators shall take deliberate steps to advise conditional appointees regarding appropriate conduct and to monitor their activities to insure the safety of students in the district.



9220, Teacher Certification

9240, Recruiting and Hiring

5461, Child Abuse in an Educational Setting

Ref Chapter 147 of the Laws of 2001 Amending Chapter 180 of 2000


Approved by the Board of Education: 06/27/07