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9170-R Meals And Refreshments Reimbursement Regulation

  • 9000: Personnel and Negotiations
9170-R Meals And Refreshments Reimbursement Regulation

(This policy replaces previously approved Board of Education Policy #8228-R)

From time to time, service of modest meals during a mealtime and/or refreshments may be appropriate for a meeting or event held for an educational purpose. Whenever meals and/or refreshments are ordered, the person making the request shall indicate the date, purpose of the meeting, and identify the group in attendance. 

The Board also recognizes that on occasion, that a meal and/or refreshment expenditure may be incurred as an extension of the responsibilities of a Board of Education member, school official or staff member to continue and to complete a specific activity or event that is being held for a business purpose. In such instances, documentation as noted above shall be submitted to the Business Office for the purposes of audit and possible payment and/or reimbursement.

Examples of authorized categories include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • A meal with a consultant employed by the District where it is necessary to work through a meal hour;

  • A meal provided to a committee or working group whose responsibilities require working through the meal hour; or

  • Other specific circumstances for which working through the meal hour is necessary for completion of district work.

As stated in Policy #9170 – Meals and Refreshments, the Board of Education may approve trustees to attend District-wide events/retirement dinners. Approved trustees shall receive reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses (i.e. cost of attending the function) upon providing appropriate documentation (i.e. receipt). In any instance where a receipt has been lost or cannot be obtained, at the discretion of the Director of Business Services, a signed statement, cancelled check or bank statement along with a copy of the event flyer, indicating the date and location of the event as well as the cost to attend the function may be submitted and accepted as a substitute document.



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Approved by the Board of Education: 12/15/05
Revision approved by the Board of Education: 05/15/07
Revision approved by the Board of Education: 02/25/09