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6670 Exhibit Petty Cash

  • 6000: Fiscal Management Goals
6670 Exhibit Petty Cash

Petty Cash Procedures

  1. At their annual re-organization meeting in July, the Board of Education approves select employees to serve as the petty cash custodians in schools and specific District offices. Checks are cut to provide petty cash funds to these schools and selected District offices.
  2. Petty cash should be used for reasonable and necessary expenses ($20 or less) for either emergencies items or materials not purchased using a purchase order (i.e. quart of milk, Newsday, etc.).

    Additional Guidelines
    1. Sales tax will not be reimbursed.
    2. Itemized receipts, indicating a description of the item(s) purchased, must be obtained.
    3. All expenditures must be incurred in the normal course of business at the Brentwood Union Free School District.
  3. Petty cash custodians must submit a Petty Cash Journal (See attached form) along with original receipts for replenishment to the Business Office.
  4. Petty cash custodians must account for all petty cash at the end of the year. Any cash remaining must be submitted to the Business Office.


Approved by the Board of Education: 6/17/10

Download Petty Cash Journal Excel

Download the Exhibit Petty Cash PDF