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6110 Budget Planning

  • 6000: Fiscal Management Goals
6110 Budget Planning

(This policy replaces previously approved Board of Education Policies #3120, 3120.1, 3120.2, 3122, 3123, 3130, 3140, and 3150).

The Superintendent of Schools, with the assistance of the Director of Business Services, shall be responsible for preparation of the budget. This shall include developing a budget calendar in accordance with regulation 6110-R, and adhering to that calendar. The budget calendar shall be approved by the Board of Education by their first business meeting in September.

The budget shall be designed to reflect the educational objectives for the children of the District. It shall be carefully organized and planned to provide adequate accounting for each program’s expenditures, understanding of the financial needs of anticipated program developments, and be within the financial limitations of the District. To assist in budget and long-range planning, ongoing studies of the District’s educational programs will include estimates of the fiscal implications of each program.

The budget for the ensuing school year shall be thoroughly reviewed by the Board of Education before its presentation to the voters for final adoption.



6100, Annual Budget

Education Law '' 1608(2)-(4); 1716(2)-(4); '1804(4); 1906(1); 2002(1); 2003(1); 2004(1); 2022(2); 2601-a
Fiscal Management (NYSSBA, 1997)

Approved by the Board of Education: 12/17/09


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