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5422 Concussion Management

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5422 Concussion Management


Students in the Brentwood School District participate in interscholastic sports, intramural sports and physical education classes. Although District staff takes reasonable care to prevent student injuries, the Brentwood Board of Education recognizes that concussions and head injuries are the most commonly reported injuries in children and adolescents who participate in interscholastic athletic activity, physical education class, extracurricular or school-sponsored activity. Therefore, the District adopts the following policy and guidelines to assist in the proper evaluation and management of head injuries.


A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury that occurs when normal brain functioning is disrupted by a blow or jolt to the head. Recovery from a concussion will vary. Avoiding re-injury and overexertion until fully recovered are the cornerstones of proper concussion management.

Concussion Management Team

The Brentwood School District will establish a Concussion Management Team (CMT). The CMT will consist of the Coordinator of Health, Physical Education and Athletics, school nurse, Coordinator of Health, Psychological & Social Services, coach of an interscholastic team, the athletic trainer or such other appropriate personnel as designated by the District.

The District’s CMT will oversee the implementation of the Concussion Management and Awareness Act in the Brentwood School District, including but not limited to: the coordination of mandatory biennial training relating to concussions, for all coaches, physical education teachers, nurses and athletic trainers that work with, and provide instruction to, students engaged in school-sponsored athletic activities.

Training will include, but not be limited to:

  • the definition of a concussion, signs and symptoms of concussions and how they may occur,
  • post concussion and second impact syndromes,
  • practices regarding prevention,
  • guidelines for return to activity,
  • school protocols, and
  • available area resources for concussion management and treatment.

The CMT shall establish and implement a program, which provides information on concussions to parents and guardians throughout each school year at preseason meetings and on the District’s web site.

Concussion Management Program

The CMT shall develop school protocol for concussion management for the Brentwood School District. Such protocol shall be developed and implemented in accordance with applicable law and this policy.

The concussion management program includes the following components:

  1. Education
  2. Proper sideline management/guidelines
  3. Proper treatment and medical follow-up
  4. Proper clearance and return to play protocols


Concussion education must be provided for all coaches, school nurses, athletic trainers, and school-appointed physicians. Parents and athletes will receive concussion information at preseason meetings. In addition, the District’s web site ( will provide parents with information regarding concussions (i.e. definition, signs/symptoms, guidelines for removal from play, guidelines for return to school and school-sponsored activities once a concussion has been sustained, and possible consequences of mistreatment of concussions.). Printed copies of these materials will be available in the District’s Athletic Office and in the Nurse’s Office in each school. The District shall also include such information in any parent/guardian permission form or consent form required for a student’s participation in interscholastic sports.

Proper concussion management/guidelines

Any student believed to have sustained a concussion or who is demonstrating signs, symptoms or behaviors consistent with a concussion, while participating in a school-sponsored class, extracurricular activity, or interscholastic athletic activity shall be immediately removed from the game or activity and be evaluated as soon as possible by an appropriate healthcare professional.

The District will take steps to notify the student’s parents or guardians and recommend appropriate monitoring to parents or guardians.

If a student sustains a head injury or possible concussion at an interscholastic athletic activity, the coach will promptly notify the Athletic Director and the athletic trainer of the injury. Information will be disseminated to the appropriate building principal and school nurse via the District’s Accident Form.

If a student sustains a concussion at a time other than when engaged in a school-sponsored activity, the District expects that the student’s parent/guardian will report the condition to the school nurse so that the District can support proper management of the condition.


Proper treatment, medical follow-up, proper clearance and return to play protocols

No student shall return to school or activity while experiencing symptoms consistent with those of a head injury. No student shall resume athletic activity until he/she has been symptom free for not less than twenty-four (24) hours. The student shall not return to school-sponsored or interscholastic activity until evaluation by and receipt of a written and signed authorization from, a licensed physician. Regardless of such evaluation, the school’s chief medical officer or his/her designated medical group will make the final decision on return to school or interscholastic activity, including physical education class and afterschool sports. Any student who continues to have signs or symptoms upon return to activity must be immediately removed from play and reevaluated by his/her healthcare provider. Once the student is symptom free for twenty-four (24) hours thereafter, the student will be required to present a physician’s authorization stating that he/she has been cleared to resume activities. The school’s chief medical officer shall review the new documentation provided by the student in order to determine if it is safe for the student to return to his/her regular school activities.

The CMT will act as a liaison for any student returning to school and/or athletic activity following a concussion. If there is any doubt whether a student has sustained a head injury, the injury will be treated as a concussion until proven otherwise. Return to play following a concussion involves a stepwise progression once the individual is symptom free.

Depending on the severity of the head injury and the individual circumstances of the student, appropriate modifications may be made to the student’s participation in school in an effort to reduce the risk of re-injury and promote recovery. Collaboration will help ensure the development of an appropriate concussion management plan for the student. Parents and/or students are expected to accurately and promptly report injuries so that the student’s health can be protected.


Reference: N.Y. Education Law § 305

Resource Materials: NYSPHSAA Concussion Management Support Materials and Guidelines and


Ref: Education Law §§305

Approved by the Board of Education: 06/14/12
Revision approved by the Board of Education: 08/17/1

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