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5030 Student Complaints and Grievances

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5030 Student Complaints and Grievances

At the Brentwood Union Free School District, we follow a restorative approach to resolving conflict.  We believe that building a culture of care in schools allows us to forge rich relationships with students that allows them to succeed.  When a student has a complaint, they will be afforded the right to present their complaint or grievance to their building leaders in accordance with procedures set forth in the district’s Code of Conduct.

One source of student complaint can be disciplinary action.  The district’s Code of Conduct outlines the procedures for redressing grievances associated with the administration of discipline.  Building principals are responsible for ensuring that appeal procedures are incorporated into discipline codes, explained to all students, and provided to all parents on an annual basis.

The Superintendent of Schools shall establish regulations and procedures for presenting problems or appealing decisions that affect individual students, in accordance with applicable statutory requirements, and for the resolution of complaints or grievances that may affect the student body.

*Students alleging a violation of Title IX (sex discrimination) or Section 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act (discrimination based on disability) should consult Policy and Regulation 0100, Equal Opportunity for a description of the complaint process.


0100, Equal Opportunity
5300, Code of Conduct

Ref:        Education Law §3214


Approved by the Board of Education:                04/19/07
Revision approved by the Board of Education:            01/16/20


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