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2341 Agenda Format

  • 2000: Board Governance Operations
2341 Agenda Format

The Superintendent of Schools determines items for the agenda in consultation with the President of the Board of Education. The Superintendent shall hold a conference with the President of the Board of Education to finalize the meeting agenda.


The Board agenda format* will be as follows:

  1. Call to Order
  2. Motion to enter into Executive Session
  3. Executive Session
  4. Motion to exit Executive Session and return to the Public Meeting  
  5. Pledge of Allegiance
  6. Questions – Agenda Items ONLY - Maximum of 15 minutes
  7. Special Presentation (when necessary)
  8. Student Liaison Report
  9. Financial Reports
  10. Items for Action or Discussion

    Personnel Items
    Attendance at Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, etc.
    New and Revised Policies/Regulations
    Enrollment Figures
    Reports and Recommendations of the Superintendent of Schools
  11. Committee on Special Education and Related Matters CPSE and CSE Placements
  12. Legal Matters
  13. Employee Matters
  14. Items for Information
  15. Questions from the Audience - Maximum of 30 minutes
  16. Motion to Adjourn

*Note: To make more efficient use of meeting time, the Board of Education authorizes the use of a consent agenda as part of its regular meeting agenda. The consent agenda will condense the routine business of the Board (e.g., approving Board minutes, reviewing monthly expenses) into either a single motion or several categorical motions such as personnel, warrants, minutes. The consent agenda will be prepared by the Superintendent of Schools in consultation with the President of the Board. Individual items on a consent agenda will not be discussed prior to action. However, if any Board member believes that any item on the consent agenda requires discussion that Board member may request that the item be removed from the consent agenda, and the item shall be removed. The removed item shall then move to the regular agenda. All items not removed will be moved, seconded, and voted upon either in one motion or in several categorical motions without discussion.        


9368.31, By-Law of the Board of Education   

Approved by the Board of Education:                8/21/08
Revision approved by the Board of Education:            2/13/13


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