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1100 Public Information Program

  • 1000: Community Relations
1100 Public Information Program

The Board of Education shall maintain a continuing public information program, in order to promote widespread understanding of the school program, and to gain the support and participation of the community in the school system.

In addition to encouraging members of the community to attend and to participate in public Board meetings, the Superintendent of Schools shall develop a program aimed at disseminating information about Board policies, procedures, actions and the District’s educational programs to the public.

The Superintendent shall coordinate the activities of District administrators to ensure their direct involvement in the public information program.  Each school, through its faculty and staff, shall participate not only in the dissemination of information to the public and the Board of Education, but also in the planning of events and social programs aimed at getting the community involved in District activities.

Information shall be disseminated to the community in a variety of ways:

  1. District website (

  1. Signs 

  1. Phone messages 

  1. Email blasts 

  1. District newsletters and calendars 

  1. Memos or brochures with information on special issues and events 

  1. Internal staff communications 

  1. Social media 

  1. Notices and materials located at the Brentwood Public Library 

Parents/guardians and citizens wishing to obtain specific information should inquire first through a building principal or other school administrator, then through the Superintendent, and finally through the Board.


Cross ref:  Policy #1900 – Parent Involvement 


Approved by the Board of Education: 9/21/06
Revision approved by the Board of Education: 6/19/14 

Download the Public Information Program PDF