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0300 Accountability

  • 0000: Philosophy, Goals and Objectives
0300 Accountability

The Board of Education acknowledges that it is directly accountable to the community it has been elected to serve and is committed to engaging in a continuous assessment and reporting of all district conditions affecting education.

The Board recognizes that a comprehensive accountability system is necessary to improve the effectiveness of the district’s schools by keeping the primary focus on student achievement and on what can and should be done to improve that achievement.

Consistent with its obligations and commitments, the Board will:

  1. Receive from the Superintendent mid-year and end of year reports on student progress (i.e., regent’s results, student performance, state and local exams, graduation rates) and needs, based on a variety of assessments in order to evaluate the quality and equity of education in the district, including instruction, services and facilities. Data should be reported by analyzing trends over time and in comparison, to districts with similar demographics.
  2. Evaluate the Superintendent’s performance in accordance with Policy 0320, Evaluation of the Superintendent.
  3. Evaluate the Board’s performance in accordance with Policy 0310, Board Self-Evaluation.
  4. Evaluate progress toward the achievement of the district’s long- and short-term goals and ensure that board policies and resources effectively support the district vision. This evaluation shall include a review of the district and building New York State School Report Cards.
  5. Provide appropriate staff and Board training opportunities to accomplish the district’s mission.
  6. Fulfill governance responsibilities as required by state and federal law.
  7. Conduct review of policies at least once every five (5) years.

The Board acknowledges that publicizing the district’s progress and performance is important to maintaining the community’s trust and support. The Board is committed to keeping the public aware of such progress and performance on a regular basis through the district’s communication infrastructure, which will include the newsletter and Web site.


0000, Educational Vision
0200, District Goals
0310, Board Self-Evaluation
0320, Evaluation of the Superintendent
1000, Community Relations Goals

Approved by the Board of Education: 07/13/06
Revision Approved by Board of Education: 04/19/17

Revision Approved by the Board of Education: 08/15/19


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