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Brentwood Celebrates Jazz Night with Special Guest Papo Vazquez!

The Brentwood community came out to the Sonderling Auditorium on Mar. 27 for the annual Jazz Night showcase, featuring a special performance from Grammy-nominee Papo Vazquez and the Mighty Pirates Troubadours.

The Freshman Center Jazz Combo along with the BHS One O'Clock and Two O'Clock Jazz Bands all got the chance to perform alongside Vazquez's group in a special evening of jazz music. Vazquez had been working with the groups over the last month to help them get ready for the performance.

The BHS One O'Clock Jazz Band performed "Blue Ray," a song that was nominated for a Grammy Award and was composed by Vazquez. The legendary trombonist seconded the Freshman Center Jazz Combo as well on their opening number, "Comin' Home Baby."