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High School Students Mix and Mingle During Second Annual Mix It Up Day!

On Oct. 31, Brentwood High School students went to their lunch periods in their Halloween costumes for what was anything but an ordinary amount of time. On this day, BHS held its second annual Mix It Up Day to encourage more inclusion and camaraderie between those that share a lunch period and possibly some more commonalities.

The event, started by the BHS Guidance Department, was hosted by former BHS Guidance Counselor Ms. Shervington (or maybe it was Wonder Woman...?) along with other guidance counselors. Students in their respective lunch periods were tasked with playing a game of Mingle Bingo, where they went around the room to different students and sought out common likes or interests (i.e. finding someone who has the same favorite color as them, who was born in the same month as them, etc.). Wearing a Halloween costume and completing the Mingle Bingo card entered those students into a special raffle for a Visa gift card along with other prizes that were being given out at the event.

As he did last year, Victor Picone helped facilitate the event and donated the gift cards for the students who were fortunate enough to win the raffle. Mr. Picone is the CEO of Strength Heals, an organization supporting children that have survived abuse.