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Meet BHS's 2021 Salutatorians

Meet Brentwood’s 2021 Salutatorians

Congratulations to Julia Spadaro, BHS Sonderling Salutatorian

and Ileen Villarreal, BHS Ross Salutatorian

BRENTWOOD, NEW YORK (MARCH 2021)—The Brentwood Union Free School District has announced its salutatorians for Brentwood High School’s Class of 2021—Julia Spadaro, Sonderling Salutatorian and Ileen Villarreal, Ross Salutatorian.

“I am honored to recognize our two distinguished students—Julia Spadaro and Ileen Villarreal—who have been selected as the Class of 2021’s salutatorians,” said Superintendent of Schools Mr. Richard Loeschner. “Julia and Ileen are the epitome of what the district strives to instill in students through a well-rounded educational experience. Not only did they shine in a classroom setting but outside of the classroom as well—setting an example for what it means to be an exceptional peer and community member.”

While Sonderling’s salutatorian is still undecided on where she will be furthering her education, Julia is confident that she will be studying pharmacy and business as part of her plan to pursue a career within the healthcare system or at a pharmaceutical company. She attributes her spark of interest in the field of pharmacy to her honors chemistry teacher Mr. Roderick and AP chemistry teacher Mr. Acunzo.

“The district has provided me with various outlets to explore all of my possible interests from a very young age. Even in elementary school, I remember having opportunities to be involved in different programs, from Bucket fillers to a Little Red Riding Hood musical, which forced me to stay open minded about different interests and involved at school,” Julia stated. “Each and every teacher and staff member that I have interacted with throughout my education has been friendly, understanding, and dedicated to their position as a teacher and influencer in the lives of their students. The staff of the district and diverse opportunities available to me allowed me to feel prepared for the next steps of my life and education.”

When she’s not in a classroom setting, Julia enjoys a nice cup of coffee, participating in competitive dancing and spending quality time with her family. In the warm summer months, you can find Julia outside on the beach or on a boat.

With intentions to become the best version of herself, Ross Salutatorian Ileen Villarreal hopes to achieve her goal of working in the medical field while representing Brentwood as a leader and a member of the Hispanic community.

“Brentwood has taught me how to adapt and value what I have. Not everything goes your way or is in your hands when you want it to be. Anyone can be filled with pride or delight to see a student succeed regardless of the circumstances,” said Ileen. “Brentwood has also shown a wide variety of cultures, ideas, humor and personalities since the teachers and staff were once students from Brentwood and have their own stories to share, which allows the formation of connections with their students, like myself, making learning more joyful. I can think ‘oh, he/she understands my struggle’ which was important to me being in a graduating class of extraordinary people.”

Aside from academics, Ileen can be found playing video games on her Nintendo 3DS or listening to a variety of different music genres to relax. She even enjoys playing music on her violin and is currently learning how to play the piano.