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Brentwood Students Assist Teachers, Community as Translators

Posted on 12/11/2020

BRENTWOOD, NEW YORK (DECEMBER 2020)—More than 60 Brentwood High School (BHS) students recently helped to make communication between elementary parents, teachers, and the community at large smoother by serving as volunteer translators, interpreting conversations from English into their native languages.


“On behalf of the Board of Education and central administration, we are humbled by the selfless service of our students,” said Mr. Richard Loeschner, Superintendent of Schools. “This initiative proactively involves Brentwood guardians in their child’s education and provides them the opportunity to understand the extent of their child’s educational performance, opening doors to further enhance parent-teacher relationships for the betterment of our students.”


On the day of the scheduled conferences, BHS students reported in-person to the Translating Command Center, located in the high school, and attended the meetings via Microsoft TEAMS. Spanish was the number one language needed, based on the number of requests for translators. Requests for other languages included Urdu and French Creole.


"I am thrilled with the number of students that volunteered their time to provide such an invaluable service,” said Mr. Wayne Abenes, Brentwood District Coordinator of Guidance, K-12.


The 60 students being recognized for this act of services are  Marisol Argueta, Lineth Arias, Leidy Benitez, Christian Blanco, David Cabrera, Jazlyn Castillo, Aleen Castro, Francis Chicas, Yelsy Cruz, Brian Delgado, Mauricio Diaz, Esmeralda Escobar, Keyli Flores, Angelo Garcia, Emma Granados-Campos, Emely Hernandez Perdomo, Karen Hernandez, Julia Hernandez, Jacmeny Hernandez Santiago, Heena Jawed, Isis Kelly Rodriguez, Alishba Khan, Benjamin Lovo, Genesis Mairena, Carlos Maldonado, Mahrukh Malik, Shari Martinez Ramos, Julisa Mejia, Kobe Mejia, Esteffanie Montoya Pena, Alyssa Nicoleau, Katherine Ortiz, Emilia Paredes, Jacqueline Parra, Tamara Pierre, Samantha Portillo, Patricia Prudencio Herrera, Daniella Rodriguez, Queiri Rubi, Dejanna Salvador, Jennifer Salvador, Samantha Sorto, Jacqueline Veliz, Elizabeth Yanez, Mathee German Rodriguez, Katie Torres, Angel Silva, Kenia Gomez, Marjorie Salvador, Natali Salvador, Keiry Quintanilla, Jocelyn Leal, Amy Reyes, Amilcar De La Cruz, and Michael Yarce Mesa.