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February 12th Letter Regarding COVID Testing

A VIRTUALLY Successful Scholarship Event

Posted on 12/22/2020

BRENTWOOD, NEW YORK (DECEMBER 2020)—Earlier this month, Brentwood High School’s 26th Annual Gary Mintz 5K Memorial Scholarship Run returned as a virtual race to keep the Brentwood tradition alive. The event involved participants running in their desired environment for a 5K, or any mile, between December 6 and 13.

While several runners submitted photos of themselves throughout the week, some students and faculty from the district’s Freshmen Center convened after school one day, social distancing protocols enforced, to run laps as part of their group participation. Their efforts raised $1,100 in scholarships for BHS seniors.

Traditionally, hundreds of Brentwood’s students volunteer to assist in the organization and implementation of the district wide event in honor of former principal of Brentwood High School, Mr. Gary Mintz. The event, organized to incentivize students to further their education with college by raising money that will help offset their college expenses, was modified this year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.