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Opposition to Transfer Facility


On November 19, the Brentwood Board of Education passed a resolution rejecting Omni Recycling of Brentwood LLC’s proposed construction and operation of a transfer facility in the community. The proposal, if approved by the Town of Islip, would allow the construction of a solid waste facility in a low-income, predominantly minority neighborhood. This would violate the principles of environmental justice and raises several potential risks to Brentwood residents related to health, safety and the influx of traffic in an already densely populated town. The district is taking a strong stance against this project to protect the Brentwood community and its residents.
To learn more about the district’s position and facts regarding this issue, please see below:
•      District Resolution
•      Bond Schoeneck & King - District Opposition
•      Proposed Facility Location Map
•      Regis Wicks - Exhibit 1 Proposed Plan